There And Back To See How Far It Is

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There And Back To See How Far It IsMatt Nicholson was born in the year of decimalization, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, in the shadow of the city of Hull. He remained in Yorkshire for the best part ofhis first nine years before moving south with his family, in search of a promised land. While down south, he completed his education, worked for a living, fell in love and got married, and then, in 2013, he brought his wife and all their worldly possessions back to the East Riding. And, if you ask him on a good day, he will tell you that he is both pleased and proud to be home, in Hull and that he had only been There and Back to See How Far it is.

Matt Abbott, the poet whose work was recently featured in the Nationwide Building Society’s TV advertising campaign, said of Matt Nicholson:

"At times, these are bare, naked, bloodshot beat ballads. At other times they carry the lyrical realism of D. H. Lawrence. But the constant is Nicholson’s voice: visceral, poignant, unapologetic and demanding of your time. An outstanding début collection from one of the best new voices on the scene. This won’t feel out of place on my bookshelf.”