The Spot on My Bum

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The Spot on My BumGez Walsh burst onto the poetry scene in 1997 armed with this, his first collection of children's verse, which was rapidly to become a cult classic. Written in response to his dyslexic son's need for stimulating, approachable reading material, Gez decided to use humour as his tool to encourage interest. Quickly realising he'd hit on a successful method of providing reluctant readers with enthusiasm, Gez's world of laughter sprang into life. Soon it was not only his son enjoying hilarious performances of these poems but a much wider audience of enthusiasts at schools, festivals, book signings and charity events.

Gez Walsh has put together a raucous ragbag of verse which has helped turn a generation of young people on to reading. From riotous live performances at schools and libraries, to interviews on local radio and TV, and appearing at the world-famous Glastonbury Festival, and having his poems featured on CBBC, Gez's popularity has gone from strength to strength.

Almost from the moment it was published, this collection (the book that spawned the whole Potty Poets series) rocketed onto book trade best-seller lists and has been riding high in the nation's estimation ever since, as more and more readers, young and old, discover Gez's warped take on life.

This is often revealed through the eyes of the hapless teenage character Wilf, from whom we get to understand the trials of having a smelly grandad, experience the unpleasantness of a spot on the bum, and cringe at the embarrassment of accidentally burping in a girlfriend's face. If you've ever snipped the hair from up your grandad's nose while he's asleep, stuck a bogey under the desk at school, got your toe stuck up the bath tap, or been told off for stashing cheesy old socks under the bed, then you are bound to get plenty of laughs out of this book.

And, if you are a teacher or parent trying to inspire bored youngsters, who don't like poetry and who show no interest in reading "ordinary" books, why not introduce them to Gez's spotty pottyness, in this extraordinary volume!

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