The Return of the Spot

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The Return of the Spot

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the bookshops, along comes Gez Walsh with a further collection of odd odes and dubious ditties. Apart from old favourites, such as Wilf, the central character, trying to come to terms with the knowledge that life is just the pits (or maybe the zits?) sometimes, we have the wilder flights of the author’s fantasy, embodied in the rocking vicar and the tales of Poorly Julie, who ate that most unhealthy of foods, broccoli, and Grandma who inadvertently ingested rabbit pooh.

Giggle at the rude crude lewdness of it all, and join Britain’s ever-growing band of Spotmaniacs. If you have ever had to suffer the embarrassment of watching your Dad disco dancing at a kids’ party and telling everyone, under the influence of alcohol, that he is Baby Spice, then this book is for you!


What they said about Gez’s first book, The Spot on My Bum

"Gez pens a winner ...” The Sun

"Tales of sweaty socks, slimy soup, and pooping kittens seem bound to appeal ...” The Huddersfield Daily Examiner

"This month’s best-titled book ...” The Daily Express

"Rude,Crude and Funny” The Newark Advertiser

"And he has the cheek to sit there signing them ...”

Old lady to friend, in Waterstone’s Bookshop, Sheffield

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