The Maze

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The Mazeby Tony Chapman
(2019) 9 in. x 6 in. pbk.,

Bob Dylan once memorably said, when a journalist asked him if he considered himself primarily as a poet or a songwriter, "If I can sing it, itís a song. If I canít, itís a poem!Ē Coincidentally (or maybe not) Dylan is cited as a major influence by poet Tony Chapman, whose first collection this is. Tony Chapman is a true polymath: poet, singer, songwriter, painter, sculptor, and performer, playing piano and guitar. Born and raised on the South coast of England, in the Sussex hills behind Brighton, he now lives in Amsterdam.In a long and prolific career, during which he has travelled through many lands (and many jobs) he has written countless poems and songs and created many images. This new collection brings together the best of his work from the last three decades.