The Man in the Skirt

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The Man in the Skirt

This work marks a fairly radical departure for Gez, who has become something of a celebrity since the publication of his wacky books of children's poetry THE SPOT ON MY BUM and THE RETURN OF THE SPOT.

The Man in The Skirt is a prose adventure, starring Wilf Sexton, the hero of the two Spot books, his best friend Burp, and two girls, Kirsty and Molly, who embark on a mystical adventure involving strange Celtic warriors who wear kilts (hence the title) after Wilf mistakenly swallows a strange small stone artefact during a museum visit. The book is the first of a projected series featuring these kids, entitled The Celtic Chronicles. The Man in the Skirt is priced at £4.50.

While on a school trip to a museum Wilf is mucking about with his friends when he accidentally swallows a small stone Celtic object. From then on life will never be the same again. No one is who they appear to be. He can trust nobody. Someone is out to kill him - but who? And why? Each turn of the page brings new revelations as the reader travels with Wilf and his friends Burp, Molly and Kirsty through the twists and turns of this adventure-packed book, filled with tales of magic, Celtic warriors, and banshees. All the many thousands of people who have snapped up Gezís earlier works will want to get to grips with this exciting new series.

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