The Keeper

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The Keeper

A kid on a school trip decides it would be funny to pop a small ancient stone thingy that he picks up in the museum, into his mouth, to amuse his mates,and sets in train an incredible chain of events. From their ordinary classroom in the North of England, Wilf, Burp, Kirsty and Molly find themselves in a strange alternative universe peopled by ancient creatures from celtic mythology, marsh warriors and shape-shifting banshees.

It has been a long journey for Wilf Sexton and his three friends, which began when Wilf swallowed the Orf-stone while on a school outing; little did he know how this was going to change his life forever.

By the opening of this, book, the final volume in the CelticChronicles series, Wilf has become one of the most powerful beings in all known dimensions, guided by the banshee, a scary, wolf-like creature who used to wield the same powers that Wilf now has. Having been pursued by Liam, the marsh warrior who wanted him dead, Wilf fought in a battle at Tara, witnessing his marsh warrior friend Lud die in an attempt to save the four school friends, fighting on top of The Cauldron of Life itself. Wilf now faces his toughest challenge yet: that of saving both worlds, that of the banshees and that of the humans from destruction. He must conquer his most powerful enemy, one he neither knows of, nor can even see: The Keeper. Neither male nor female, outside of time, the Keeper keeps the two worlds in balance. A balance that Wilf, unwittingly, has begun to threaten more and more.

Typically in this thought-provoking series, no one is as theyseem and, as usual, someone wants Wilf dead. Several'someones', in fact. So follow him and his three friends toexperience the emotional outcome in this concluding book of the CelticChronicles trilogy. All the familiar characters are here, along with some new faces, some good, some bad - but which is which? One thing's for sure; there is mist along the edge of the marshes, and there are sword blades glinting as adversaries circle each other, literally, in this world and the next.Can Wilf save the dimensions? Will it all end in grief? Will Burp finally eat mull without farting? Read on to find out, but remember, trust no one!

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