Teachers Pick Their Noses

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Teachers Pick Their Noses

Teachers pick their noses

With fingers long as garden hoses

Reaching up and in they go

They dig real deep, they dig real slow

 Have you ever seen your teacher picking their nose? I bet you haven’t. But the truth is it’s their favourite thing to do in the whole world. In fact, if nose picking was an Olympic sport,teachers would win all the gold medals. Read this book and discover what your teachers REALLY get up to when you’re out in the playground.

And for all you fainthearted souls out there that are feeling queasy at the mere thought of your teacher digging for bogeys – don’t panic! This collection also includes lots of ‘non-bogey’poems. There are poems about footballing hedgehogs; flea-ridden pirates; chocolate cakes that take over the world; a girl who can’t stop sleeping; and the long-awaited return of My Silly Daddy. Not to mention the Recycle Monster living in the garden shed.

 What they say about Conrad’s poetry book…

‘If he’s written another poem about me, he’ll not be getting any pocket

money for100 years’ – Conrad’s mum

 ‘I’ve never picked my nose in all my life. How disgusting. I’m a headteacher for

goodness’ sake. I wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing’ – Mrs Moore

‘I’ll be there in a minute. I’m just...going…to…

…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…’– Sleepy Sue