Mum, the Dog's Drunk Again!

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Mum, the Dog's Drunk Again!No one could have imagined that a collection of poetry could create such an impact but, back in 1997 when new writer Gez Walsh’s first book was unleashed on an unsuspecting public, people went crazy. Now, seven years down the line, TheSpot on My Bum is regarded as a classic, while the author’s popularity has sky-rocketed, the poetry has got crazier, and, if it comes to that, so has the author!

In his introduction to the first ever Potty Poets book, Ian McMillan said that Gez had an ear for the authentic language of the playground, the language of the top deck of the bus. The original impetus of Spot, to inspire reluctant readers, has been seized upon by parents, teachers, librarians and event organisers alike, looking for material they can use in school or at home to get kids reading all over the UK! In his seven subsequent collections of potty poems, of which this is the latest, Gez has not only made that language his own, but has expanded it to populate an entire zany universe with characters, not the least of which is the hapless Wilf Sexton, Gez's childhood alter ego, on whose experiences many of the poems are based.

In his many appearances at schools and festivals, Gez has certainly done more than his bit to increase the sum total of laughter in the world, with a quickfire act which has won him fans the length of the UK and beyond.

This new Gez Walsh offering is crammed full of the sort of poems Gez is famous for: you can almost smell the cheesy whiff of "Pete’s Feet”, taste the crunchy "Toenail Teacake”, breathe in the evil stench from Bravefart’s behind, and feel the pain as the fiery curry cooked by Ahmed's granny to defeat the aliens in "Vindaloo, the Alien-Slayer” hisses and roars its way from throat to bum! As usual, in Gez's world, the kids have more idea than the adults, but are puzzled by the illogical acts of their parents, sisters and brothers. With the usual hilarious results. Not to mention wonky trolleys, lumpy milk, bad teeth, and Freda the fat wood-fairy.

In common with his other books in the series, the collection ends with a single serious poem, this time about the effects of grief and the way in which the strong character of Grandma helps the child overcome it.

If you’re looking for big, bold, in-your-face humour coupled with strange characters and stories, then Mum, the Dog’s Drunk Again! is worth every penny and more!

To Book Gez for an appearance at your school, festival, or other event, phone 01484 663790