Mac and the Lost Tribe

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Mac and the Lost Tribe Mac, the cheeky yet heroic little rabbit from Mossburn Animal Centre, returns in a new adventure. This time, he is given a mysterious jewel which has sinister implications for him, and for his rabbit-friends. With his small band of trusty companions, Mac sets out on a quest which takes him far from the safe environment of Mossburn.

Before you can say "carrot cake”, Mac, his cousin Oliver, and Spike the hedgehog find themselves the last remaining bulwark against an ancient evil force that has awoken again and is once more stalking the Earth. Narrowly escaping with their own lives, the group becomes dispersed and Mac ends up far away from his home shores of Galloway, shipwrecked on the Isle of Man. And that is just the start of his problems... But eventually he has to return, for a last battle that will put not only his own life in peril, but also everything he holds near and dear.

Hugh McMillan has written a rip-roaring adventure story, full of character, plot and counter plot, and more twists and turns than a sack full of ferrets. Will Mac ever find his way back to Mossburn? Will the three furry chums ever overcome the tide of deadly zombies which has been let loose?  There’s only one way to find out... read on, dear reader... read on!