Kyle Franklin and the Knights of Heaven

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Kyle Franklin and the Knights of Heaven Kyle Franklin is not an ordinary kid. He lives with his Gran, for a start. He's always on his computer - what kid isn't?- but he's not playing games or chatting, he's researching his family history. A chance encounter online with a real life distant cousin sparks off an adventure, when he goes to visit her and finds himself introduced to some rather strange people. People who almost seem to possess... supernatural powers? But that's not all. As he learns more about his new friends, he discovers that they are locked in some sort of primeval struggle with the eternal powers of evil. A struggle in which he too, now, has unwittingly become involved, as has everyone he cares about. This startlingly original children's thriller is Pat Keen's first novel and deals with themes of alienation, loss, and the constant battle between good and evil as seen through the eyes of those caught up in that titanic battle.