Here Endeth The Epilogue

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Here Endeth The Epilogue

In March 2004, Steve Rudd started posting a regular message every Sunday night on the BBC message board dedicated to The Archers, under the nom-de-plume of "Slightly Foxed”. Although part of this BBC web site is concerned with the comings, goings and doings of the various characters of this long-running radio "soap” it also contains a board called "The Bull” which is intended for discussion of anything outside of The Archers. This regular message grew into a weekly bulletin (or Epilogue) of how things had been going for him in the preceding seven days, mixed with reflections on any spiritual lessons he felt he had learned during the week. Often, these events were as mundane as having the coal delivered, falling downstairs, descriptions of the weather, trips to his beloved Lake District, or dealing with the exploits of the four cats and a dog who supplement the extended family living in two knocked-together adjacent houses ("Ours” and "Colin’s”) in the Holme Valley, near Huddersfield. Soon, Steve began receiving emails from people from as far afield as Ohio and New Zealand about his efforts, and the message board "threads” which each message germinated frequently contained a wide range of lively responses ranging from pro- to anti- to couldn’t care less, especially on some of the more controversial postings to do with animal welfare.

By a strange combination of circumstances, following on from a cheeky email he sent to their Web Pastor asking her to pray for Russell, his poorly cat, Steve had, in the meantime, become involved with the startup of I-church, the Church of England’s online presence, and as part of his contribution, asked if they would be amenable to having the Epilogues posted on their message board as well, which they agreed to. For a while, therefore, they were appearing on both The Archers and I-church every Sunday, and of course I-church brought a new audience with their own views and responses. This book contains more or less a year’s worth of message board postings (March 2004 to March 2005) which have been tidied up and (Steve hopes) proof-read with a degree of accuracy that was missing in the originals!

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Review by Jayne Tite, New Zealand:

"I have had the privilege of reading Steve's later writings, which, like all good things drifted to an end a year or so ago. So it was with delight that I saw this book appear on my screen. A preview reading of stories that had been written before I first came across his writing, showed my just how good he was from the start.

While these stories do indeed have a spiritual content, they contain a humour and knowledge of life into which the spiritual slips so easily to be almost unnoticeable. Whether you like cats or dogs, both appear here for you to fall in love with, Or if you want to visit the open spaces then you can , through the dry humour of Steve's eyes.

Each story is complete in itself, short enough to read at breakfast, or tea break, yet together making a whole that should not be missed, a book to be dipped into, and savoured, whether for the coffee table or the book shelf, it will hold its own with any of its genre.

A must read for the animal and countryside lover."

Comments from other readers:

"Some genuine laugh-out-loud moments" - Rev. Martin Parrott

"I want to read it, but I can't get my wife to put it down!"

"This book is an icon in our family - we read bits of it out down the phone to each other!"

"I sent a copy to my sister in India."

You are a wonderful speaker of the truth."