Great Aunt Fanny's Moustache

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Great Aunt Fanny's Moustache He's back! And this time, it's potty! Gez Walsh, the original Potty Poet, and some would say still the best, has hit the bookshelves again this autumn with his first new collection for some considerable time,GREAT AUNT FANNY'S MOUSTACHE. Gez, who burst onto the children's poetry scene in 1997 with THE SPOT ON MY BUM, saw that book go on to sell almost half a million copies in seventeen years, and still counting. Originally written to stimulate his own dyslexic son to read, THE SPOT ON MY BUM has engaged countless thousands of children who would otherwise have been reluctant to read "ordinary”poetry books because they failed to engage with their "boring”subject matter.

Well, you won't find any hosts of golden daffodils in Great Aunt Fanny's Moustache (the book, not the actual facial fur – to be honest, that probably has got things growing in it, at least from the description in the title poem) Gez has returned to his roots, to what Ian McMillan, himself a renowned poet and host of BBC Radio 3's The Verb, once described as "the language of the playground, of the top deck of the bus...” The subject matter is the usual preoccupations of the kids who will read these very poems: teachers, school, embarrassing parents, pet hamsters, being dumped by your girlfriend/boyfriend, and treading on cowpats, to name a few. Not to mention, of course, aunties who really need a shave. This is Gez Walsh's ninth Potty Poetry collection, and his fans will see that the rapid fire rap and the humour that drives so much of his quest to bring literacy to reluctant readers is as undiminished as ever. So, if you're not sure if you are potty-trained, grab a copy of Great Aunt Fanny's Moustache and immerse yourself in its weird wacky world, to find out what all the fuss is about!