Ghost Hunting With Peter Underwood

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Ghost Hunting With Peter Underwood

There is an inescapable link between ghosts and historic houses. One has only to think of the gothic towers, the battlements, the ivy-covered ruined abbeys where bats emerge to flit low at dusk between the  remains of crumbling stone arches. There is something about long, curving country-house drives, lined with ancient yews or poplars, that seems to almost cry out for the sound of drumming hooves and crunching gravel, as a headless coachman sweeps past, driving at a furious pace, his coach pulled by six black horses, foam-flecked at the mouth, with funeral plumes and eyes of blood.

It is all too easy to dismiss the supernatural on a sunny afternoon with the birds singing and the trees in full leaf in your garden, but imagine reading this book at midnight in an empty house, on a winter evening when the wind is stirring the bare branches, and one of them is persistently tapping and scratching at the window – or is it, in fact a branch, or a bony finger? White ladies, grey ladies, forlorn and wronged wraiths, walled-up nuns,and monks from a bygone age of prayer and persecution are all likely to be found gliding noiselessly across immaculately-mown lawns.

This is the spooky territory that Peter Underwood, former President of The Ghost Club, doyen of the international ghost-hunting fraternity, author of countless books and articles on the subject, and tireless chronicler of the supernatural, explores in this book. From a long and glittering career of psychic investigation into the occult and the paranormal, the author has cherry-picked over 30 cases of hauntings and manifestations at historic houses and gardens –many of them open to the public. Each one of these instances is freshly described and re-examined from the perspective and point of view of a lifetime’s experience.In addition, while re-telling the salient features of each one, the author offers his own considered opinions regarding the vary nature of ghosts and hauntings.

Skilfully augmented by over 60 black and white plates, many of them exclusively from the author’s own collection, plus a select bibliography, Ghost Hunting With Peter Underwood is set to become a classic of its genre, whether it be read avidly from cover to cover in one sitting, while listening for things that go"bump” in the night, or kept for reference in the glove-compartment of your car when touring the country’s roads and lanes in your own private ghost-hunting odyssey. Read it, and believe!