Fido's Foul Surprise

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Fido's Foul Surprise
It's here at last! an all-new collection from the zit-master himself, Gez Walsh. Ever since the publication of The Spot on My Bum in July 1997 (originally written to help his dyslexic son to read) Gez has been tickling the sensibilities of his many readers, children of all ages, with his zany wildfire delivery and his fascination with all things grotty. Joiner-turned-social-worker-turned-performance poet Gez has put quite a few miles under his belt since then. Performances at schools up and down the country, on local radio, on Yorkshire TV and BBC's Fully Booked, not to mention Glastonbury Festival, The Northern Writers Festival, and many, many, others, have seen his work progress through The Return of the Spot (1998) Someone's Nicked My Knickers (1999) Parents, Zits, and Hairy Bits (2000) and Norah's Nasty Knickers (2002).

In addition he's also produced a sword and sorcery novel, The Man in the Skirt, the follow-up to this, Banshee Moon, and the final part of this trilogy, The Keeper, is also available.
So, what's this latest book all about? Well, for a start, once you've read the title poem you'll always check your crash helmet very thoroughly in future. And you will also find, within these hallowed pages, the reason why Dad Wears Mum's Tights, why Batman is a Softie, and Grandma is a Zulu. Yes, once more, you will slip effortlessly, and without realising it, into the strange parallel universe invented by Gez Walsh - or more accurately, by Gez Walsh and the kids he reads to, his greatest fans, his audience with whom he bounces surreal and outrageous ideas back and forth like asymetric ping pong balls, with the accent on the "pong".

Anyone who has read Gez's previous books will want to own this new one, and anyone who hasn't read any of Gez's books in the last four years has clearly been living under a stone! When students ring the publishers' voicemail in the early hours of the morning and recite our own poems back to us, (which they do) we know we must be getting through to somebody, somewhere.

To Book Gez for an appearance at your school, festival, or other event, phone 01484 663790