Don't Wee in the Bath, Terry

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Don't Wee in the Bath, Terry
Gez Walsh has a "wee" warning for anyone called Terry in this new collection of Potty Poems for kids from The King's England Press. Gez's latest Potty Poets offering is DON'T WEE IN THE BATH TERRY: Potty Poems with a capital P.With this new book, kids Ė or adults, for that matter, who want to read some wickedly funny poetry, may just have come to the right place. (They might even have seen Gez appearing in person at their school. If so, they probably know what to expect.) With this, his eleventh book overall and his seventh collection of Potty Poetry, Gez Walsh takes yet another manic stagger, arms flapping, further into the lunatic world which he has created. Itís a world peopled by characters you will find throughout Gezís poetry. A world of nagging, fussing, mums, embarrassing dads wearing new snakeskin belts, confused kids, strange grandads who wear false teeth, even stranger grandmas, overbearing elder brothers and sisters, and teachers who just donít understand. Not to mention the amusing animals, such as the Welsh Rabbit and a parrot called Fred.

Weíve all been there. Some kids still are. Looking under the bed for the bogeyman, experiencing the delights of odd socks, or suffering from (our own and other people's) "bad breff" as Gez so charmingly puts it. Yet Gez isnít always so grounded in real life and the authentic language of the school playground and the top deck of the bus. Sometimes he goes off into the absurdest, grossest of fantasies, with Spike-Milligan-esque poems like Gnome Sweet Gnome and Steve and His Secret Agent Underpants. Not to mention Henry Meek, who can make his bottom squeak, and saves a climber lost in the mountains with this unusual talent. But perhaps it is best to leave the last words to Gez himself, speaking directly to the kids who read his books in his foreword.

"Please buy this book! Iím being held prisoner in a small dank cell by my publishing company: I have no light, only a candle strapped to my head, and no company except for the rats that come to nibble my toes each night."