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ChangesIf you could go back and change one day in your life, would you do it? Remember the day he dumped you? Remember the day you didn’t buy the ticket and stayed at home, only to hear about the train crash on the evening news? Or was it the day when you made a complete fool of yourself at the most important job interview ever! What would have happened if, at that moment of choice, you had chosen another way, and gone down "the road less travelled”? These questions, and similar, are explored by the characters in this book, the latest in the Twisted Minds series by Gez Walsh. As Hilary Robinson, author and radio producer, says:

Gez Walsh is a great storyteller .. Changes is a haunting mystery. Grieving the death of her younger brother Josh, Ellie feels remorse that she was responsible for the accident that led to his death. A chance encounter with a man in a graveyard transports her into two worlds, the present, and one which is five years earlier, when Josh was still alive. But which world is the real one?

Gez Walsh burst on to the literary scene in 1997 with his groundbreaking poetry collection The Spot on My Bum, and is now generally acknowledged to be the originator of the genre of Potty Poetry. Fourteen books later, he’s also an entertaining and energetic comedian and performer, a regular fixture at literary events in libraries and schools and at festivals throughout the UK and beyond.

"Well I have just finished ‘Changes’ & my first comment is WOW! I loved it! I was so absorbed I found myself becoming as muddled about reality as Ellie – but in a good readerly way! And I was certainly NOT expecting the ending…!!! A thunderclap of an ending!”
- Chris Fitt, Co-ordinator, Doncaster Book Awards.

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