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Never Wornby Jolie Booth
(2018) 198mm x 129mm pbk., 
(Code: 978-1-909548-55-8)
Widurokby C. R. Osborne
(2016) 198 x 129mm, 370pp., pbk.,

George and Millie are staying with their Grandad in Wybrook while their parents are out of the country.  On the night of the midsummer solstice, George sets out on an unauthorised quest to try and recover his Grandad’s pocket-watch, which he had carelessly lost earlier in the day.  And disappears, without trace. When George goes missing, it is left to his sister alone to work out what has happened to him. Surely, everyone knows that people don’t just disappear! But as Millie starts to unveil the truth,  and finds that this is not the first time someone has gone missing at Midsummer, she uncovers hidden secrets, hinting at something more unbelievable than she could ever have imagined, as she and her brother are plunged into a world of mystery, myths and peril, harking back to the Dark Ages, and the long-forgotten Kingdom of the East Saxons, in an enigmatic thriller by a writer with a new, unique voice.
(Code: 978 1 909548 68 8)
The Girl Who'll Rule The World by Jolie Booth
(2016) 198mm x 129mm pbk., 348pp.

As with an Impressionist painting, where the image emerges from the dots, in this book a story emerges from the chaos of the writing, revealing a Twenty-First Century woman trying to make sense of a world gone mad.

The first question anybody wants to know when they pick up a book is "what’s it about?” With this book, that’s the hardest question you could ask about it, and the last one to be answered. OK, here’s a summary… imagine if Moll Flanders met Mrs Dalloway and they both decided to drop some acid and dance all night at a party at a commune just outside Norwich? You’re getting warmer. It’s about Esmeralda. Life, and Esmeralda, but not necessarily in that order. Structurally,it’s a novel that challenges our perceptions of time and memory, mingling past and present, as Esmeralda drifts downstream, through a series of scenes peopled with a rambling, picaresque cast of characters, some of whom are fleeting ghosts, never seen again, and some of whom remain to be significant. Actually, "drifts” is the wrong word there. A more appropriate nautical metaphor would be that Esmeralda crashes through life, like an out-of-control speedboat, leaving havoc bobbing in her turbulent wake.

No situation is too strange, no drug is off the menu, legal, illegal, or purely psychological. In this, her first novel, Jolie Booth has created Fifty Shades for the Trainspotting generation.

(Code: 978 1 909548 70 1)
Brand New Beat by Deborah Tyler-Bennett 
(2017) 9 in x 6 in 211pp., pbk. 

In this, the final volume in the trilogy which began with Turned Out Nice Again and continued with Mice That Roared Deborah Tyler-Bennett brings the characters she has created up to the 1960s. The world of variety is fading from its former glory, and everywhere, television is king. Cooper and Bean are faced with some stark choices.  Meanwhile, in the wider world, there is Beatlemania, and the first stirrings of what eventually would become the Summer of Love, even in Mansfield. 

(Code: 978-1-909548-50-3)
Towers of Blood by Katherine Wood
(2015) 180mm x 110mm., pbk.,

The second book in The Chronicles of Kari True.

If you’ve already met Kari True in her previous adventure, Blood in the Air, prepare to be reminded, and surprised. This time around, Kari finds herself still partnered – some might say lumbered - with the snooty "special advisor”, the elf Elathir Alaenrae,  investigating the mysterious death of Aldwin Heathley, a student, or "apprentice” as they are known, in the Royal College of Magic.  It was from one of its five forbidding black towers that Aldwin apparently spread his arms and dived to his rather messy doom, fifteen storeys later. Throughout the book, Kari is also fighting two more battles, alongside the ongoing one against evil in the form of zombies, murderers and assassins. Firstly she has to reconcile her burgeoning feelings for Elathir and also for Prince Kevan. But, perhaps more importantly, she is struggling with herself, in particular her dubious origins and the many unanswered questions they pose. Sombre, yet sometimes funny, pacy, fast-moving, yet often lyrical, once more, in Towers of Blood, the author has again successfully merged the fantasy and police procedural genres and once more entertained and gripped us all with the exploits of the sassy, sparky, sarcastic and, sometimes, deadly, persona  of Corporal Kari True. 
(Code: 978 1 909548 30 5)
Blood in The Air by Katherine Wood
The Kari True Chronicles: 1
(May 2014) 180mm x 110mm, pbk., 250pp.,


"A True Fantasy Thriller" - Matlock Mercury

"If you like fantasy, you will love this book" - Amazon reader review

(Code: 978-1-909548-48-0)
Death's Door The fourth book in the Twisted Minds series
by Gez Walsh
(2015) 6.875in x 4.25in pbk.,

Lauren lives on a soulless, neglected, run-down housing estate, peopled by odd characters such as the woman known as "Sweaty Betty" who is often found rummaging through the bins outside the shops. A chance meeting between the two, over a shared bag of chips on a park bench, sets off a terrifying chain of events which culminates in the entire estate becoming a vast psychic battleground as both Lauren and "Betty" become embroiled in the eternal struggle between good and evil, trying to stop sinister demons from feasting on the souls of the dead.  During this conflict both Lauren and the woman she once knew as "Betty” are also forced to confront their own inner demons, and  some very disturbing facts about their own lives, and actions, including, in the case of "Betty”, the horrific death of her own daughter in a fire. "Gripping” is too slight a word for this book, Gez Walsh’s most masterful Twisted Minds take so far.  Nothing is real, nobody is who they say they are, and the plot has more twists than a Chubby Checker tribute act. Beware picking this book up and beginning to read it late at night, especially if you are of a nervous disposition and you are at home alone… unless you actually like being scared stiff and unable to sleep, that is!
(Code: 978-1-909-39-2)
The Meeting RoomTwisted Minds, Book 1
by Gez Walsh
(2014) 6.875in x 4.25in, 210pp., pbk

Jack has a problem. He’s in a room with five weird people. Seriously weird. One’s a beautiful young girl, one’s an accountant, one’s a professor, one’s a Rambo lookalike, a psychotic mercenary, armed with various guns, knives and grenades, and then there’s Catherine, who wears a food-smeared nightie and eats cakes without bothering to cut them into slices first. And they are all in his mind. Or so he thinks, as he lies in his hospital bed in a coma. Where they came from, how he created them, is a mystery, as is how he came to be hovering between life and death in the first place. Then something really odd starts to happen. First, it seems that these people might actually be realin some way, and not just figments of his imagination after all, even though he’s full of enough drugs to kill an elephant, and hooked up to what looks like half the life-support equipment off Holby City. He starts talking to them, and, more alarmingly, they start talking back, telling him things about himself that he’d forgotten, and helping him piece together the scary, terrifying story of how he came to be in a coma, in hospital, guarded by a policeman at his bedside. The more pieces of the jigsaw he slots into place, the more he realises that his friends on the "outside” are still in deadly danger. He must do something, but the only allies he can call upon to help him are stuck in exactly the same state as he is – the other inhabitants of "The Meeting Room”! This first book in Gez Walsh’s Twisted Minds series is at times funny, gripping, scary and sad; a thought-provoking, un-put-downable tale that rattles along at a terrific pace towards an unexpected conclusion.
(Code: 978-1-909548-00-8)
Changesby Gez Walsh
The second book in the Twisted Minds series
(2012) 6.875 x 4.25in. 176pp., pbk.,
2nd impression, 2013.


(Code: 978 1 909548 29 9 )
Diva Dave and Fat Sue by Gez Walsh
The third book in the Twisted Minds series
(2013) 6.875 x 4.25in. 334pp., pbk.,

Now available for the Kindle, from HERE


(Code: 978-1-909548-47-3)
Mice That Roared by Deborah Tyler-Bennett
(October 2015) 9in. x 6in., 224pp., pbk.,

In Turned Out Nice Again, DeborahTyler-Bennett introduced us to a fine collection of engaging new friends. Alfand Shirl, Vi, Cooper and Bean ("the boys most likely to…”) Beryl, and the redoubtable Grandwem were allexpertly drawn and brought to life in those pages, plus a budgie called GeorgeFormby. Now,for them, and for everyone else, the war is over, and many things will never bethe same again, including the world of variety. A new, brash theme is echoingthrough the world of entertainment, and it comes from across the Atlantic. But notevery GI wedding has a happy ending, and sometimes Tin Pan Alley can become adead end, as Ruby discovers when she has to be rescued by the old gang. Thescene also shifts to Brighton,expertly-described, recalled back in the late 1950s and 1960s, as it was beforeit became "Be-Right-On”. Seedy, and dangerous, back in the days of the teddyboys and the razor gangs, with characters, such as Phil and Gilda and theirdangerously-unbalanced love affair, and Billy’s unacknowledged son Ted, who becomesthe smallest Teddy Boy in Brighton, whichleads him into contact with some heavy people, including the scar-faced VimoFielding, the "Don” of Burgess Hill. All of us who felt that Grandwem and herfamily were far too entertaining to lose after only one book will be delightedto see them back once again, Mansfield’sanswer to the Larkins!
(Code: 978 1 909548 14 5)
Turned Out Nice AgainStories inspired by the Music Hall and Variety tradition

by Deborah Tyler-Bennett
(2013) 9in x 6in 224pp pbk.

"The book makes a very enjoyable read... the action and dialogue are well-observed (and could even form the basis for a TV drama series..." - London Grip

Read the full review here

"Imagine The Royle Family set in the music hall..." - LeftLion

Read the full review here



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The Nine Quines by Harry Fenwick

(2011) 6.87 x 4.25in, 165pp., pbk.,

(Code: 9781872438665)
The Hereward Inheritance by Harry Fenwick
(2012) 6.87 x 4.25in, 258pp, pbk.,