Are all of your items in stock?

Yes. On this web shop, we only show items which are currently available and if we run out of something we take it off here. This site is purely a mechanism to allow people to buy existing books direct from us. This applies particularly to things such as the Potty Poets series where there are now over 22 titles in the series and they go in and out of stock all of the time. For details on FORTHCOMING, REPRINTING, or PREVIOUS titles, please see the news section on this web site from time to time.

If we make a mistake on this site and accidentally list something which is out of stock, and you order it, we will immediately refund you and let you know.

Are there any career/internship opportunities with your company.

Sadly, not at present. And, unlike the government, we don't believe in people working for free as "interns". But it's an academic question anyway. Sorry, and good luck with your job-hunting.

Do you buy copies of the original editions of The King's England?

Rarely, but if we know we have a customer who is seeking the particular original volume you are offering, we might simply put you in touch, or alternatively we may get involved ourselves, it just depends.

Do your authors come into schools, libraries or perform at festivals?

YES! call us on 01484 663790 or email with details of the author or authors in whom you are interested.

How can I contact one of your authors?

Write to them c/o our office address, or email them c/o with the author's name in the subject line.


If your query is about "where can I buy your books, Mr Author?" or "Will you come and open our new library and do a performance of your poetry?" or "can I have a review copy of one of your books and/or interview you?" then ring 01484 663790 or email in the first instance.

How do I let you know of my interest in a forthcoming King's England Press book?

Eventually we hope to build that facility into the site but in the meantime, call or email us and we'll do the rest, including letting you know by your preferred method when it's available. This does not constitute an obligation to buy, it's simply us letting you know.