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The Kingís England Press is a small independent publisher which was founded in 1989 and has survived the attempts of various people to kill it off, two recessions, and the theft of the managing directorís banjo in 1993. We are not members of anything or spokesmen for anything which means we are free to speak as we like, and we stand with Arthur Mee when he said: "Faster than imagination this world is moving on. I believe in the possibility of almost everything. The thought of all the wonders time contains does not surprise me. I believe that the poor will be rich and that life will be beautiful for all. I believe disease will disappear. I believe that we shall see and speak to people everywhere. I believe that the glory awaiting us all is greater than the poet says. " [Letís hope he was right.-Ed.] - Arthur Mee, writing in Arthur Mee's Golden Year, 1936.

Just over seventy-five years ago, in 1936, Arthur Mee and his researchers set out to see all England and put on record all they saw. Their task was a simple but a monumental one: to put on record all that was worthy of note. Arthur Mee himself wrote: "a remarkable event has been going on, quietly and unguessed at for many years in our countryside. There has been nothing like it before: it is the first census of the ancient and beautiful and curious historic possessions of England since the motor car came to make it possible".

Apart from the many obvious glories of England's historical heritage, they also recorded the strange, the odd, and the unusual whenever they found it, never failing to pick up a good anecdote along the way. An old lady showed them a paper model of Barnstaple Fair, made by her brother's wife, just after Waterloo: in a rectory they visited they found, in one room, a collection of sixteen walking sticks, and in another, twenty-three cats. A church they visited had an orange box keeping rain off the altar.

The 1930's was just the right decade for such a series. People set off on foot, by bicycle or by car, to make the best use of the enforced leisure granted by mass unemployment, to discover and read about their native countryside. In 1989, The Kingís England Press was founded to reprint these classic guides, which had been out of print, in the original edition, for many years, recognising the need for them, both as excellent guidebooks and now with the added dimension as historical documents in their own right.

Since our foundation in 1989 we have also branched out to include titles on general and local history, folklore, children's books, cinema, travel, poetry, religion, and fiction.

Our books are available direct from us here at and through major wholesalers such as Gardners & Bertrams and through bookshops.

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