Pat Keen, who has worked worked in Education in or London or Middlesex and Berkshire for many years has just had her first children’s novel published,  Kyle Franklin and the Knights of Heaven, which almost defies categorisation. It’s a mix of family history, the titanic struggle between good and evil, church architecture, and supernatural encounters, interwoven with stories and sub-plot, and all set in the Thames Valley!  Pat describes the genesis of the book in her own words:

"Having watched films and programmes and read books I have always been disappointed that the angels were always aloof, unkind or downright evil.  They are supposed to be the good guys, so why couldn't they be fun to have around?  Since nobody had written a story about them in that way, I had to get on with writing it myself.

I first went to Kew Gardens when I was about three years old.  I can remember looking at the Queen's beasts and wanting to know the stories behind them; only to be told there wasn't one.  Every time I have seen them I have been disappointed, so I decided that if I wanted stories about them I'd better write them myself.

 I love escaping to a fantasy world and I also love the real history and legends of Britain.  With that sort of mindset it was inevitable that at some point a fantasy story that weaves in and out of real history would develop."

Pat is currently working on the second book in the series, Kyle Franklin and the Thirteenth Archangel, due for publication early in 2017