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Freddie's autumnal bulletin

Freddie's autumnal bulletinHello again, it's Freddie here, the head of security. It's autumn now, and all the leaves are falling off the trees, which makes it easier to spot those pesky squirrels when we go walkies in the woods. I've had a busy summer, and I hope you have. I went to the Isle of Arran, and you'll be able to read all about it in Steve Rudd's new book We'll Take The String Road, when he finishes writing it.  We've also published a book about the music halls, Turned Out Nice Again, and started distributing The Sagas of Thorkjell Tushersson. Thorkjell was a cat, but we won't hold that against him. Then there's Diva Dave and Fat Sue, not to mention Hampshire at War and Hampshire Hauntings and Hearsay - so I have been a busy doggie, guarding all that lot.

Two of those books, Turned Out Nice Again and Hampshire at War have been entered for The People's Book Prize - so from next month you'll be able to vote for them on the web site of that name. As well as that, Turned Out Nice Again has been nominated for the East Midlands Book Prize.

Phew! Thinking about all that has made me feel quite drowsy. Time for a lie-down on the dog-bed.
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